MY LAST DAY AS A REALTOR IS MAY 31, 2019. An opportunity came up that made my heart sing. The idea of doing a job where I could potentially be helping to save people's lives was enticing to me. So, I said yes to a new job! Emotional fulfillment at work is important to me. I sure have had some good helpings of that as I assisted people find a home where they could…

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Is the Family Homestead a Thing of the Past?

    “When we moved here he said he could live here the rest of his life,” my aunt told me one day, speaking of my uncle, “and he did.” My aunt and uncle had found the perfect-for-them country homestead, and bought it with the intention of living out their entire married life there. Many decades later, after raising children, making changes to the house, spending countless hours in the shop, and making a…

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A Day in the Life of a Rural Steinbach Realtor: The Creepiest House Showing I Ever Did

    Being a rural real estate agent is a big, weird adventure. Icy country roads are a regular threat. Moccasins are part of my winter attire. And then there was the time I nearly got shot. My real estate agent career is riddled with stories. One in particular haunts me every now and then.  I’d been on the hunt for properties for my client when I came across one I thought she’d be…

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