Real Estate Secret #37: What You Can Authorize Your Agent To Do

There are a lot of little behind the scenes Real Estate secrets that most people just don’t know. Some we’ve already talked about, like the existence of hijackers and the legal way people can spend your money after they buy your house.  Today’s little secret is about what you can authorize your agent to do. Did you know you can authorize your Real Estate agent to do all the negotiation for you – even…

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Real Estate Negotiation For Buyers

Real Estate is a tough, competitive industry, whether you’re an agent, a buyer, or a seller. As happens in life, there are those with integrity and those without, and those motives impact your transactions whether you like it or not. For buyers to navigate these waters smartly, there are several vital tools to have on board, one of which is negotiation. The best thing a buyer can do is get a professional in their…

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How To Negotiate Commissions

Commission negotiation is a touchy subject.  To the Real Estate agent, negotiating commission can feel like begging for a paycheck. To the buyer or seller, it can feel like a shell game. In the hopes of clearing the air and maybe even helping smooth the process, I offer these negotiation tips. Commission Negotiation Tips How You Go In Is How You`ll Come Out Go in as a warrior, and you`ll get a war. Go…

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