5 Ways To Force a Sale In Any Market

*caution: sarcastic humour ahead*   Your client needs to buy from you. Or sell through you. The important thing to remember is that it's about you, the salesperson. Unfortunately, clients are a necessary and often troublesome cog in the money machine that is sales. But take heart - there are ways to ensure the cog operates at maximum efficiency. 5 Ways To Force A Sale Guilt Guilt is a powerful motivator and must be…

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What is success?

Some people are motivated only by the end of the game result. They are ┬ánot wrong, or bad, but I play differently! When playing a game, I enjoy the round...the process...the strategy...the intensity. When the cards have been played, I feel good about the round! Not surprising then, I will often win the game also! My mom and I played countless hands of rummy when I was a child. I spent countless hours playing…

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Personal Branding

The psychology of Real Estate Personal Branding was a class I was eager to attend at the National Association of REALTORS Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida Nov. 9-12,2012. I was expecting a marketing class. Richard Flint taught us the basic fundamental truth about branding. RESPECT: Knowing through your behavior, I can trust the Real estate agent. REPUTATION:What I feel about you once I have done business with you. INTEGRITY: The result of your…

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