Real Estate Humor – 5 Property Descriptions You Won’t Ever See.

Crafting the perfect property description is... an art. To paint with words all the beautiful things about a house is easy when the house has many beautiful things. But sometimes it's harder to find the gem beneath the dirt. And then polish it to such a shine that no one notices the dirt. There are ways. Sometimes it's not what we say, but how we say it that matters... * *** * What You Won't Ever See:…

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Free Event – Don’t Be Alone This Christmas Eve!

  You know how much I love people, right?  It pains me to see when people are taken advantage of, hurt or lonely. It especially tugs at my heart to see people lonely at Christmas. I’ve been there. I used to ADORE Christmas – think ‘crazy Christmas lady’ and you’re close. I’d decorate early, play music and bake cookies… I’d be the one beaming crazily in the store (maybe even giggling) as I shopped…

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