The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Photographer

              Photo taken by Eniko Crozier The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Photographer     When there are so many options for buyers to choose from and so little buyers to go around, what can help attract a buyer’s attention to your home? Proper real estate photography, that’s what!!!   Fact: Most home buyers today start their home shopping online. There are many websites to view homes…

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What is Your Loyalty to Friends and Family Costing You?

  Sometimes loyalty is a bad idea. Even to family. Or friends. And especially to the neighbor’s uncle’s cousin’s friend. Like the woman whose loyalty is causing her crippling pain to continue. She had been seeing a physical therapist to help her with the constant pain she was in. For all the therapy she’d been receiving, her condition was getting worse, not better. There were other therapists who were skilled at treating this very…

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Wonder How To List When a Buyer is Already Interested? Use This Technique!

  Recently I spoke with a woman who wanted to list her home with me. But there was a problem.  She explained that they had attempted selling privately. “We have a dilemma - we already have someone interested in our house.” I said, “That’s not a dilemma, that’s an opportunity!” Then I did what many other agents don’t. I told her to name those people as an exclusion in the listing contract. That means if…

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