On Giving The Gift of Time

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People in a hurry can cause a lot of damage.

Especially when their motives are questionable.

Too many agents rush clients into a decision, or pressure or manipulate just to get the thing done.

It’s bullying and it’s abusive, and it’s completely absolutely unnecessary.

People looking for houses are in different head spaces. Some are not even ready – they’re looking at every neighborhood and price range, trying to figure out what they even want.

Others are desperate and overwhelmed because their life circumstance changed – maybe they suddenly became wheelchair bound or changed careers or their house burned down – and they need a new place quickly.

Some are excitedly searching for their first family home, others are struggling with the painful process of downsizing and are selling their last home for the last time.

What’s deeply meaningful to me is joining them on the journey. I’m a counselor at heart and care very much about what people are going through.

It’s vital to give them space and time to go through it at their own pace, whatever stage they’re at.

It’s not a popular approach. It’s slow, takes lots of time and patience, and requires sincerely caring about others. Agents interested in a quick close don’t have time for that.

It’s never been about the money to me though. (Good thing – otherwise I’d have long quit by now!) It’s always been about connecting with people.


So it’s deeply satisfying then when they’re not only happy with what they buy, and benefit from owning the property, but they come back. They enjoyed knowing me and working with me, and we connected. Years later, they remember and I get another chance to connect.

That’s when I glimpse their life story as it unfolds. And it’s beautiful.

I get to see the single woman who’s become married.

I get to watch the young couple have babies.

I get to help a senior couple downsize and move to their final home.

I get to glimpse precious moments behind closed doors, and it’s awesome.

It’s deeply encouraging too.

In the beginning, I wondered where my next client would come from. It’s not like hairdressing where I’d see clients every couple of months. They’re regulars. People don’t buy houses every year. They return and can become regulars, but it takes a long time.

Now, three, four, and five years later, people are calling me back. I feel so honored by that, and not because they give me work. (Though I do appreciate that!)

The thrill for me is making those relationships, which are far more important than any address.

.Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

Time & God Appointments


When we first talked on the phone, she imagined our meeting would require her packing up all four kiddos, keeping them up way past bedtime, sacrificing yet another night of Dad time, and desperately trying to keep them all quiet and happy in an office somewhere.

When I offered to come by instead, and meet with her after the kids were in bed, she was shocked. She sighed long and satisfied, relieved. She thanked me profusely.  There is so much time-sensitive stuff that has to get done with the buying and selling process, so much pressure and stress. I’m so glad to alleviate at least some of that with in-home meetings.

So was she.  She knows time is precious, and we just saved her hours of it.

It reminds me of the last time I spoke with my cousin, who recently passed away. I was in a hurry, wanting to grab a Superstore rotisserie chicken to bring home for supper. I dashed in, discovered the chicken rotisserie counter to be empty, and headed back out of the store. On my way out, I met Steve. I felt compelled to stop and chat with him. We had a wonderful, deep conversation – the kind that makes you think it’s a God appointment. Months later, he was gone. I was so deeply thankful for that time we each took. I would have been disappointed had I chosen to race past. I would have wished for one more moment. Instead, we both decided to use that moment to connect.

Time is precious.  It’s a rare commodity that should be respected and guarded, but also given generously. It’s not just our own time that is precious, but others’ time too. Everyone is busy, and wishing for more time.

Whether in your job, with your clients, or with people whose houses you want to buy or see – you’re dealing with people’s time. Respect, guard, and most of all cherish it.

Have you enjoyed a ‘God appointment’ lately? I’d love to hear about it!