The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Photographer

              Photo taken by Eniko Crozier The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Photographer     When there are so many options for buyers to choose from and so little buyers to go around, what can help attract a buyer’s attention to your home? Proper real estate photography, that’s what!!!   Fact: Most home buyers today start their home shopping online. There are many websites to view homes…

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How To Surprise Colleagues & Win Clients Even in Slower Markets

Whatever your business, slow markets or a sluggish economy can make things tough. It’s natural to respond in fear and shift into self-preservation when that happens. And it’s the worst thing you can do. For one thing, it reveals that deep down inside, you believe you can’t make it. Which is a problem, and probably means you’re self-sabotaging in other ways to. It is also really bad for business. People operating in a fearful…

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I could hardly believe what happened on my holidays

When you find that one perfect summer spot that helps you escape it all, you will find yourself returning. I found that spot almost twenty years ago. My daughter was seven or eight when a single mom friend of mine invited us on a camping trip. I hadn't been able to justify time off or a vacation as a single parent. When I realized I could buy a tent for the price of one…

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