The Entrepreneur’s Secret of Success – What the Biggies Already Know

  When you think of an entrepreneur, what do you imagine? A determined individual working late each night forging a living out of determination? Somehow we got this idea that successful business people are awesome enough to do it all on their own. We couldn't be more wrong. Who is that one person who became a lone guru? Really. Bill Gates? Any of the 'dragons' on Dragons' Den? Oprah? Jerry Seinfeld? Billy Graham? They're…

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Happy Birthday To Me – The Gift I’ve Been Waiting For

  It's finally happening – the business break through I've been working for is here! And on my birthday no less!  I will be getting a scheduled day off! Every week. You know, like most of the population? I'm SO excited! Have you ever worked an entire year with no scheduled day off? It's madness. Four years of it is... well,(what is madness multiplied by four?) Basically, I'm ready for an intentional, scheduled, even…

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