Flowers Bloom Even Amidst Weeds

"You can learn a lot of things from the flowers” – Alice in Wonderland   My garden has been a source of beauty, joy, rest, and also wisdom. I hadn’t tended to my flowers as often as they need. When I finally made some time, I discovered weeds had grown tall and wild, filling every space between flowers. That’s when I noticed something. Weeds had not stopped the many beautiful flowers from blooming. There,…

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On Giving The Gift of Time

    People in a hurry can cause a lot of damage. Especially when their motives are questionable. Too many agents rush clients into a decision, or pressure or manipulate just to get the thing done. It’s bullying and it’s abusive, and it’s completely absolutely unnecessary. People looking for houses are in different head spaces. Some are not even ready – they’re looking at every neighborhood and price range, trying to figure out what…

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What is Your Loyalty to Friends and Family Costing You?

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  Sometimes loyalty is a bad idea. Even to family. Or friends. And especially to the neighbor’s uncle’s cousin’s friend. Like the woman whose loyalty is causing her crippling pain to continue. She had been seeing a physical therapist to help her with the constant pain she was in. For all the therapy she’d been receiving, her condition was getting worse, not better. There were other therapists who were skilled at treating this very…

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