Why January Is Spectacular

It’s over. The rich taste of eggnog and aroma of delectable spiced ginger cookies have faded away. Some people think that once the tree and lights are put away, winter’s sparkle is gone, and the grey must inevitably settle on us. Buckle up, it’s all dim and sad until spring… Here’s the thing. They’re wrong. January shimmers with the romantic splendor of no other month. At each country property I show, soft white snow…

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The Truth the Photos Told About My Year

  The photos didn’t lie. I flipped through pictures on my iPad, and a grin spread across my face as I watched the story they told. Not that long ago I felt like I would never have a life, and I would work until I was a hundred and my feet were worn down to nubs. But the proof stared right back at me – I did indeed have a life. And it’s an…

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How To Surprise Colleagues & Win Clients Even in Slower Markets

Whatever your business, slow markets or a sluggish economy can make things tough. It’s natural to respond in fear and shift into self-preservation when that happens. And it’s the worst thing you can do. For one thing, it reveals that deep down inside, you believe you can’t make it. Which is a problem, and probably means you’re self-sabotaging in other ways to. It is also really bad for business. People operating in a fearful…

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