Privately Selling Your House? Sell Faster and Get More Buyers in the Door [VIDEO & CHECKLIST]

Private home sellers want to know two things: how to get more buyers in the door and how to sell their house faster. What most home owners don’t know is that over 90% of those currently in serious house hunting mode are already working with an agent. Most of the unrepresented buyers shopping private sales are investors or buyers looking for a house on the cheap.   The best and biggest source of buyers…

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When People Leave… (and How To Save Yourself a Lot of Pain)

People weave in and out of our lives. Whether because of job relocation, offense, or plain old growing apart, relationships change. Sometimes the change is a relief, and other times we don’t want to say goodbye. It can be hard, but often make it harder… Before I tell you how, let me share a quick story. One of my favorite relationships in life lasted only two years, after which we parted quickly and permanently.…

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