The Entrepreneur’s Secret of Success – What the Biggies Already Know

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When you think of an entrepreneur, what do you imagine? A determined individual working late each night forging a living out of determination? Somehow we got this idea that successful business people are awesome enough to do it all on their own.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

Who is that one person who became a lone guru? Really. Bill Gates? Any of the ‘dragons’ on Dragons’ Den? Oprah? Jerry Seinfeld? Billy Graham? They’re all successful in their fields. Not a single one though, would have become anything without the people they surrounded themselves with.

These intelligent people know the secret: success is teamwork.

I’ve learned this is true for me too. I’ve worked hard, invested time and money, and built my business as big as I can on my own. I have decided to move my business forward by doing what successful people do – work with a power team.

And I do mean team, not staff. I don’t want to hire people to work for me, though I do that too. What I really want partners to work WITH me. I want to work WITH them to build up their business too. The difference is motivation and passion. As I’ve prayed and searched, I’ve found them! This group of like-minded, dynamic professionals is just what I’ve been looking for.  I feel super blessed to work alongside of them!

And the best part is that nothing about my business has to change. It’s still my own, I keep the same signs, agency, phone number and ads… I’m not replacing or starting over, I’m adding to what I’ve already built. I can’t tell you what a relief this is.

The set up is different than the industry standard of hiring staff. Basically, we are all like-minded in our high standards of service. We all want to serve our clients even better, but without running faster. It’s a synergistic approach I guess, which is a fancy way of saying we’ll help each other. We’re all skilled in different, complimentary areas, so helping will really help.

It’s kind of like… if you and I are friends, and you adore paper work. Nothing makes you happier than filing. And I hate paperwork, and it makes me want to cry. But you hate writing property descriptions, and I love it and do it well. Because we’re friends and care about each other’s success, I would eagerly help you with writing property descriptions and you would happily do my filing. And we don’t have to move in together. We can continue to live our separate lives while cheering on each one’s success.

Simple. Synergistic. Super efficient.

Stay tuned for the introduction to my professional, like-minded peers that I will be teaming up with.


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