The Funny Thing About Stopping To Rest

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I’ve got to tell you, my first scheduled time off was incredible.

The day filled with ‘firsts’. Some friends generously lent me their beautiful cabin by the beach. There, I did something that has for years been unthinkable – I headed for the beach and left my phone inside.
I left my phone inside!!
I can’t describe to you how awesome that felt.

It’s awesome like the new mom of a colicky infant who finally, after months, gets to be baby-free for a few hours.

It’s awesome like finally sharing a deep secret you’ve struggled with, to discover that you`re loved anyway.

It’s awesome like finally making the last mortgage payment on your property.

It’s freedom, baby, and the best toes-in-the-sand time I have enjoyed in years.

The funny thing about stopping to rest though, is what can be felt in the stillness.

When we buzz around, dashing from one pressing matter to the next, there is not alot of time to sit down and feel the feelings. When it`s go time, we go. We deal. We just keep moving. Then, when we finally stop to rest, all the dust we kicked up seems to waft over.

I forgot about that…

The emotions of that stillness surprised me. I was able to feel the sadness of the things that have happened with people around me in recent months.  In this space, on the sand, by myself, I could let go of the machine side of me that dashes and does, and embrace the human side of me that feels. Maybe it sounds weird. It felt weird. But I feel incredibly refreshed.

I really did take the break. (It helped to know I was leaving my business in the hands of solid, trustworthy professionals.)


What did you do on your last day off?

Did you really rest, or keep on buzzing around?




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