The Gift No One Wants (So Stop Giving It!)

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Imagine a pick-up truck parks in your driveway. You don`t know the men who climb out, but they smile and wave. You wave back, confused. They slip on work gloves, pull open the tailgate and  begin unloading their heap of junk and garbage onto your front lawn. It crosses your mind this could be a joke. It isn’t. The two burly men smile as they climb back into their truck.  You’re stunned into silence. You do notice though, that the heap left behind is a mangled mess of dish racks, lamps and old paint cans. As the men drive away waving, you hear them sing, “You’re welcome!”. They seem to think they have done you a favor.

This kind of thing happens all the time.  Usually though, instead of using two guys in a pick-up truck, people use the sale of their property.

Maybe you’ve had this happen to you. Or maybe you’ve been the one to leave behind old paint cans thinking the owners will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. Maybe you’ve even blessed them with a few other things you no longer need – a couch or deep freeze perhaps.

Garbage is not a blessing.

One man’s junk is only another’s treasure if they want it. Most home buyers do not want their new home filled with someone else’s things. I have had buyers insist that the seller come back and remove whatever they left behind.I have had sellers consider ‘removing’ items as placing bulk items by the street for the sanitation crews to deal with.  Garbage crews do not take tires. Or couches. Or mattresses. Or a hundred other things.

If you’re selling, you are responsible for cleaning up your property. Leaving it at the curb and thinking it will be alright does not count.

Calling it a present does not count.


What kind of garbage have you received as a present?





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