The Haunting: When Selling a House is About Escaping the Memories


They were happy.

Married, healthy, and earning a comfortable income, they enjoyed life, their home, and each other.

Then it happened.

Strange symptoms started to show up. Finally bothered, nagged, and mystified enough, he went to the doctor to find out what was going on. A diagnosis followed, and the prognosis wasn’t good. He was slated for surgery.

Many long months of treatments followed the surgery. She made herself available to be his personal, stand-by nurse after the surgery and during treatments.

They couldn’t go out.

Few came to visit.

The isolation was crushing. No one knew the emotional and mental anguish they suffered at the hands of his physical disabilities, or how trapped they both felt inside the walls of their own home.

Years passed this way. They robotically dragged themselves through each day of his long and slow recovery. Thankfully though, recovery did come. He was able to care for his own physical needs. They could leave the house and be among people. Both were miraculously able to return to work.

They were happy again, but something had changed.

The years had made their home into a prison cell. Now, despite his recovery, every room in that house reminded them of the hardest years of their lives. Every day the memories of that dark time haunted them.

They needed a fresh start somewhere else and to make new memories in a new home.

That’s when they called me and we began the search together.

Sometimes we need to bloom where we’re planted, even in a bed of weeds. Other times, it’s necessary to move on.

Reasons people have for buying and selling their homes are as varied as the people themselves.
I’ll never tire of the honor of hearing people’s stories. I especially can’t get enough of helping people through this highly personal experience of buying and selling the places where we make memories that last a lifetime.

What new chapter of your life are you starting this fall?

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate


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