The Offer That Nearly Got Me SHOT!

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9-nine-mm-pistol-and-ammoIt was November and, after the moneyless summer I’d had, I needed to make some sales. So when an offer came in for a country property, I was ecstatic. I knew my client would be excited too.

I called her immediately, leaving a message on her machine that I could come right away, offer in hand. I imagined her grinning as she got the news. Soon after, I received a voice mail from my client.
“Don’t come onto the driveway… I don’t want you to get shot.”

Um… what? I didn’t think the offer had been that bad. I racked my brain, going over and over our conversations.What reason could there be to shoot one’s agent? 

Clueless, I called the client to see if we could remedy the problem. I would have preferred to drive out and see her face to face but I did not want to get shot…

“What don’t you like about the offer?” I asked carefully.

“Oh, no – it’s not the offer.” She explained, stifling a chuckle, “It’s hunting season and my husband is out in the bush until dark. He might accidentally shoot you if you drive on. He’ll be done at 6:30 – can you come then?”

Of course! Hunting season in the sticks!

Crisis averted.

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