The Problem of Women’s Footwear – A Canadian Realtor’s Dilemma


As winter approaches, I’m faced with the annual dilemma of winter footwear. This is a real problem for business women in the frozen arctic, especially Real Estate agents. REALTORS® sport business attire in the office one minute, and the next minute we need to tromp through snowbanks to measure houses and inspect home exteriors. You see the dilemma?

You’ve likely noticed that I like dressy clothes. I love zebra prints and skirts and strappy shoes. Back in the day, I would sport 4 inch heels with a smile. Alas, my ankle and hip won’t allow that anymore.

Here’s the deal. I want to be prepared, I want to have warm feet, but I refuse to accompany my ensemble with Sorrels. I’d rather have ice cubes for toes than clomp across the office.  Hopefully there’s a better option than ice cubes or Sorrels though.

…Do you think moccasins could work?

I’m actually kind of serious. They’re light, warm, unique, yet also decorative in a way, with their beads and intricate designs.
What would you think if you’d meet a Real Estate agent in office attire and moccasins?
Does it work? Is it too weird? What are my options?

I’d really love to have you guys weigh in on this one. I’m baffled by this annual footwear dilemma.

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