The Secret of Coffee

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What is it about coffee that obsesses us so?

We “go” for coffee (which really just means, “visit”)
“Morning coffee” is a mandatory ritual for many. (or is it most?)
You can even be a coffee connoisseur, indulging in expensive coffee machines, or resolving to buy grounds from Columbia or wherever because they are of superior price. Er, I mean quality.
We cradle these coffee cups in our hands all day. We bring them to work, and can’t even part company with our beloved coffee long enough to drive somewhere. Why?

I’ve discovered the secret to coffee’s allure. I’ve discovered, “The Secret of Coffee”. Behold.

The Secret of Coffee

what is it about the hot splosh of coffee
that fills a mug all bubbles and swirls
warms hands through porcelain
an embrace

what is it about coffee for two
each cupping warm mugs
leaning forward all smiles

warm nectar
comforts and befriends
no matter who
or where
we are


I love it. This is exactly how I feel about coffee, especially when I’m sharing it with a friend or chatting with a client. Now we know the secret – coffee loves us back. It makes perfect sense then, that we would take it everywhere…

What’s your favorite way or place to enjoy coffee?
(Are you holding one right now?)

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