The stair came down with me on it!

imageWe noticed that the stairs on our deck were rotting. We had already determined that we would need to replace them this summer. We enjoy our deck immensely. Our home is a bi level so the deck is high off the ground. The bonus to the height is that we rarely have mosquitoes joining us in our leisure time. We live on an acreage. The view from the deck gives me the same sense of retreat as sitting at a campsite! The deck is where we socialize, tan, or sometimes just sit and watch fireflies or lay and gaze at the stars.
Yesterday, I was about to make my way down the 8 steps of the deck when the stairs decided to separate from the deck entirely! The stairs dropped straight down with me on them. I screamed like a girl! My husband was using the whipper snipper for the first time this spring and did not hear me as I continued to scream for help. My legs were stuck between the fallen stair case rises. I am awaiting the radiologist test results of the x-rays as I sit with one foot in a half cast because I can’t move it without sharp pain. It’s difficult to use the crutches because the other foot is sprained and my upper spine is prone to inflammation. Pain is reverberating through my body, but my mind is more powerful than my body!

I am viewing this as an opportune time to expand my business and grow by incorporating the assistance of other agents. This has been something that I have pondered about doing since last fall. I have hesitated because It is really hard to share income! It is not hard to make money, but it is challenging to make a profit. Now that I am grounded and have a strong business plan, I feel confident to include others in my business. I don’t have it all in place just yet. Maybe I can assist someone else in becoming successful as they assist me in completing a few deals.

Back to the deck and stairs. Learn a lesson from me! All man made things have wear and tear and eventually will need replacing. By doing maintenance,you will prolong the home you enjoy and retain its market value. By procrastinating repairs, you will risk getting serious damage to the weakened areas of your home and also loose your competitive edge in the market when a sale is needing to take place. As I read that last sentence, I heard the word “weekend”. That applies too! My weekend has been dramatically altered by my fall!

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