The stones they throw!

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The mortgage broker told them that their credit rating was much too low to obtain a mortgage! They went to their local credit union who also declined them for a mortgage based on their low credit rating. They went to another mortgage broker who for the third time told them they do not qualify for a mortgage because of their low credit score!
That being said, I told them that they would need to find a place to rent. After going through at least three tanks of gas shopping with these folks, I was now trying to find them a rental.
In the meanwhile, they borrowed fifty thousand dollars from an aunt  to be able to buy a house.
They would no longer answer the phone when I called. They would not return my calls. Such rudeness surprised me a lot.

One day, I got a call. “You said we couldn’t buy a house!” “Well we bought a house, no problem!” Wow, they showed me! They are now living in a tiny house, not large enough for their family and did not purchase an acreage like they were shopping for, which means they won’t be able to have animals as they were planning. It makes me sad that they did not get what they needed.
The time and money I invested with this family is tremendous! There is much more to this story! At first, I had the thought cross my mind that I had been robbed. Then I remembered that I served them with my whole heart! I went above and beyond for them because I valued them as people. I will not resent doing what comes from the heart.
So why do I get the blame??? It’s misplaced!

It’s what people do when they don’t take responsibility for their own behaviour. Shooting the messenger is a practice that we have all heard of. I was the messenger. I did not create a problem with their credit! I was not the one who had power to decline a mortgage for them. At least with blaming the REALTOR, now their friends won’t know how messed up their finances are!

I am a REALTOR® .  I DO NOT determine if you get financing. The mortgage broker will do that. I do not do private lending. I do not recommend using a private lender and paying crazy interest rates! I caution you to find out what your penalties would be at payout if you get financing through a private lender! Taking six months to clean up your credit score is a short time! Get advise from a mortgage broker how to fix your credit!
Tina Plett
Sutton Group-Kilkenny

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