The Story Behind My Sign’s White Picket Fence

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Sometimes people ask me why I have a white picket fence on my Real Estate signs.

I wish I could tell  a big romantic story, or reveal some compelling moment when I suddenly knew this was the sign for me.
It’s much simpler than all that. I’m selling the dream. I help people find that perfect-for-them home, the dream lifestyle they hope goes with it. That’s what I’m doing this for.

White picket fences have long represented an ideal lifestyle. The boy, girl, dog, tree with a tire swing, and the white picket fence. To put it on my sign sends the not-so-secret message that I want to help clients find that dream property.

I’ve had all kinds of clients with all kinds of lifestyle dreams too.

Some wanted a love nest in which to grow old together.

Others wanted a backwoods cabin with a recycled bus bar.

Another wanted to leave his crowded country to plow a patch of prairie.

I love all their dreams, and adore helping them hunt for that perfect fit.

I think for myself the ideal lifestyle would be close to what I’m doing now, just less busy. I love dashing into the frey every day and meeting lots of new people – that energizes me. But I also love to retreat to my flower garden, chill on the deck, and enjoy my cabin in the country.


How about you? If you could live anywhere – any country, any property, and have any lifestyle, what would you choose?


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