The Upside of Expired Listings (And I Don’t Mean Chasing Someone Else’s)

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No Real Estate agent hopes their listings expire. No agent wakes up thinking, “Gee, I hope today is the day I can REALLY waste my marketing dollars. I hate money anyway.” Expired listings are disappointing for both agent and client. But even this cloud has its silver lining.

The internet is full of advice on how to capitalize on other agents’ expired listings. Here in Canada, though, that kind of thing is against the Privacy Act. It is federally not okay.  Agents do it, clients let them, but it shouldn’t be happening. (Can you really trust an agent to represent you, when they don’t care about the ethics governing their industry? Just a thought…)

Listings expire for a lot of reasons. I’ve had months where that’s all that happened; expiries. But I don’t see those as a waste of my marketing dollars. I may not have gotten the sale I wanted, but I did get exposure. One of the best things for my marketing was a low-priced property at a high-traffic intersection. Talk about exposure! The investment was in building my brand and advertising my name. My sign, the online marketing and print ads all worked hard for me out there, getting people good and familiar with me.  It’s a worthwhile investment that takes the sting out of expires for me.

Hopefully you’re encouraged too, the next time your listing expires. It is not a waste of money. You invested in your business. You became that much more familiar to your market. Keep it up!

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