It is my heart’s desire to make a lasting impact on the people I meet and to give back to my community.

I especially want to give back to the pioneers amongst us who worked and served to make our communities what they are today. They built businesses, served in the churches, and farmed to feed the neighborhood. They raised the children that are now working and serving to keep our community vibrant.

After a decade in Real Estate Sales I have a respect for the quality of life and the comforts that come from having a place to call home. I feel deeply for those that feel pressured to go into assisted living or a nursing home. Giving up your independence is a huge emotional and mental adjustment. This deserves to be handled with dignity and respect.

I also feel for the families and the caregivers when health disruptions change the dynamics of the family relationships. It is easy to get exhausted when you are caring for an aging parent while you are managing your own busy household and possibly working as well. The expectations can be overwhelming.

I think of the SERVICE of Victoria Lifeline as being the conversation and the bridge that assists both the senior citizen and the family in making that transition. It is a safe step for all parties.

Sometimes there is an uncomfortable waiting period to get into a more beneficial living arrangement and Lifeline can be instrumental in navigating through that waiting period.

If your parents are in the process of change due to health, aging, or the sudden loss of a spouse, please connect with me if you want to know how Victoria Lifeline service could be a bridge for you.

I am not allergic to emotional conversations. There is NO CHARGE for a PRIVATE VISIT and I commit myself to keeping our conversation completely confidential.

Service area: Steinbach and SE Manitoba.

Tina Plett,

Community Representative for Victoria Lifeline

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  1. Jeff Stern

    Tina, when I first learned of your retirement from the real estate industry I felt a deep sense of loss. Getting to know you and experiencing your high level of moral standards and your deep compassion for your clients was so wonderful. Having had my grandfather connected through Victoria Lifeline back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s I recall the pushback I had from him yet if you were available at that time I am confident you would have found an eloquent way to help him realize he was gaining a better independence while relieving his family of their fear of his vulnerability as he was aging in place. You, I am sure will be the organization’s greatest asset as you provide not only impartial assistance, but are guided by care for your client not a paycheque. I look forward to following your adventure along your new path and am excited for those whom you will meet as they will be in no greater hands.

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