What I Saw That Blew Me Away

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I have been a single mom.

I know how hard it is to be solely responsible for vehicle repairs and meals, home maintenance and homework, parenting and bread-winning. I know the awkwardness of Fathers’ Day celebrations all around a fatherless home. Holidays get lonely when custody is shared, and one always feels out-of-place among all the other two-parent families at the park. I get it.

That’s why what I saw blew me away.

I had helped her through the selling process, and loved chatting with her. New to the single-parent life, she was embarking on the journey in her new home. My heart hurt, knowing the struggles that lie ahead of her. With the house sold, it was time to move. Have you ever moved alone? Or hired a moving company on a single income? Everything is difficult and complicated when we’re alone.  The difficult chapter was beginning.

That’s when her friends noticed how difficult this was for her, and did something about it.  They pooled resources to hire movers to help her. I can’t imagine anything more loving than to acknowledge need – to understand and recognize it – and then to serve in that. Who does that? (And for the often ignored single mom?)

I was completely blessed to be a part of that process – to help her how I could out of my own experience, and also to watch others love and serve each other. Seeing people’s happiness is my own happiness. Her friends didn’t just help her when they saw a need and worked to meet it. I was moved and encouraged.  And now you’re reading about it and maybe you’re encouraged too.

We never know how far our invisible acts of kindness reach, but we know one thing- it’s farther than we think.




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