What Realtors See When We Glimpse Behind Closed Doors

I get to see behind many a closed door.

My profession requires entering into a person’s home – often a stranger’s – and look into every room. Sure, I see the foundation, square footage, and other technical things necessary to perform the task. But the most fascinating thing I see is the people – and in a way most don’t ever see. (not even their friends!)

Sometimes the house is empty. Still, the books and pictures – or lack – tells a story about the people who live there. The toys, the calendar, the picture of a missionary on the wall, it all gives a private peek into a life that is not available to the general public.

Other times the families are there, and I see how they interact with each other. You know how you behave differently in your house than you would in the mall? That’s the at-home personality I get to see when people are there.

I recently went to a client’s house to get a signature. The young family was at the supper table when I arrived. They welcomed me in, and I joined them at the table. Their toddler was in a high chair eating some kind of beef and rice dish with a tomato sauce base. Rice was stuck to his cheek, and sauce smeared on his chin, and he smiled and cooed, eagerly waving a spoon. Apparently his meal was delicious.

The mom, trying desperately to feed the boy while containing her laughter, abruptly turned her head away and covered her mouth to contain herself. She exchanged looks with the proud daddy and his wide grin didn’t help her suppress the laughter at all. She turned back to resume feeding, and completely lost it, disintegrating into bubbly, joyous laughter. All three of us gave in, laughing together.

When the laughter subsided, she said, “It’s his first time eating with a spoon on his own!” The parents beamed proudly as they watched the boy spread more sauce on his highchair tray with one hand, and grab a fistful of rice with the other.

I am so honored and overjoyed to have experienced that joy with them. They didn’t see me as an intrusion in this special moment, but instead invited me in to join them. We had spent enough time together that we were comfortable with each other.

Days later, as I prepared to leave the house, a grin crossed my face as I relived that precious moment with that family. I feel truly blessed to see these special family moments. These are the most precious and memorable parts of my day, and those relationships are exactly why I do what I do.

Seriously, the people are my favorite part – of pretty much everything. I think everything -work, life, faith, business – is not so much about tasks as it is about character and relationships.

Thank goodness life,. and real estate too, is a people thing.



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