What the dog???

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This morning, I opened up the door and both of my dogs bounded through the door simultaneously and went side by side down the stairs in synchronized movement.

My little pixie is not intimidated  by the size difference between herself and the border collie.

She doesn’t seem to feel less entitled because Ranger lived here before she did.

I am not sure that she is aware that her coat is a different color, or that  his bark sounds different from hers.

After all, they are both dogs! Pixie knows, she is a dog.

My epiphany this morning.

I am a REALTOR®.  There are other REALTORS®.  Some are bigger (produce more than I do).  Some have a different coat Color (different logo) than myself. Some have been here long before I got here.  All of them have a presentation (bark).

I can go confidently through the door alongside of other REALTORS® and do what I do the way I do it. I too, am not concerned with the differences. I don’t see myself smaller, less able, or less noticeable.

However, like pixie, I know my competitive advantage.

My encouragement to you today is to run, skip and jump along with the big dogs.

Enjoy being in the profession you are. You chose to do what you are doing. Do it well!!!

Learn your strengths and increase in them.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Be more of yourself. There is only one like you.

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