What Two Property Ads Told Her About Me



imageIt’s funny how much what we do impacts others, and how easily we can forget that.

This week someone told me how she noticed that, in the latest Property Guide, I had advertised a starter home twice – once in a regular ad, and again on the opposite page as a quarter-page ad. It blew her away because it was a starter home for  $115K.  She knew how commissions work. She also knew how quarter page ads are generally used for higher-priced properties. That I would feature a starter – twice – spoke volumes to her about the way I really do treat all my clients the same, no matter what price point their house is at.

I don’t mean to say every listing gets a quarter page ad – marketing varies from house to house. But I’m talking about the attitude behind these decisions. I actually work for people, not houses. I do not bow down to price tags. THAT’S what she noticed. And I love that it is noticeable. All the quiet work of operating in integrity, even when it’s hard, is… well, quiet. But those seeds sown do reap a harvest, and it’s rewarding when I get to know about it.

Character is not something we can fake (for long). Our real values and motives are revealed by what we do. Even our smallest, most invisible actions end up revealing our character.

What do your actions tell your clients? Is it different than what you hope to communicate?

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