When No One Comes To My Open House

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Ever host an Open House and have NO ONE show up? I have. Sitting in an empty house alone for hours makes a person question; Are Open Houses worth the effort? Why bother?  knocker-on-the-white-door I still host open houses. I think they’re important and even effective. That might sound a little crazy when we know we’ve made very few sales off of an open house. But here are a few reasons why I think

Open Houses are a key marketing element: Natural Selection An Open House can help separate the serious shoppers from the curious. ‘Tire-kickers’ can check out the property without having to call you later for an extra showing. This is especially helpful for unique homes. I recently listed a one-of-a-kind octagonal house. I’ve never seen one like it, and neither had anyone else in the area. That was the busiest Open House I’ve ever hosted! Everyone was curious to see the inside of the ‘round house’.

Advertising I know you know this one already. An Open House event will get your face and your client’s home in front of people. Advertising is about maintaining presence; staying on people’s mind.

Give ‘Em What You’ve Got Clients expect their REALTORS® to host an Open House. When we don’t, they may wonder why we’re holding back our services. I want to give my clients everything I’ve got. It’s part of the stellar customer service I recently posted about. Open Houses are part of the complete package. As a bonus (for me) some REALTORS® believe Open House events are a waste of time and refuse to do any. To my clients, my available services then becomes more attractive.

Then There’s The People Thing And, because the Real Estate biz is really about people, we can’t forget that Open Houses also afford us a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. That’s the part I love. It’s not about meeting new clients necessarily, but I get to make that initial connection that maybe down the road becomes a friendship, a client, a collegue… we never know what seeds we’re sowing. And yes, there are the odd ones where no one shows. Even those are useful though. Those two hours are the only ones I’ll get to myself all day! So I soak them up. I’ll sing, read, message, make phone calls, or just enjoy the property. (One time, I sang myself nearly hoarse in a vacant house. The acoustics were irristable, and I had the time, so I gave ‘er.) Whether people come to your Open House or not, it is not a waste – you’re sowing some important seed. The challenge is enjoying the process.

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