When Sellers Are Not Excited About The Sale…

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When we sell our house, we want to celebrate. We expect to.  And so we should! It’s an exciting time! But what happens when our house sells and, instead of excitement, we have fear or anger or sadness? 
It happens more than you think.

Selling a home is not always Plan A.  Desperation or necessity often motivate a sale. Divorce, death, financial crisis, illness, there are so many reasons – and most of them rate high on the Stress Scale. (Unfortunately this makes sellers vulnerable to the unscrupulous, be they vendors or agents.) This is life-change time, and often not in a happy way. It’s difficult to close a chapter and begin a new one when crisis is turning the page.
It can be downright terrifying!

If you’re a home seller wondering why you’re not excited your house just sold, don’t worry. You’re normal.
It’s okay to feel stress and to grieve the past – the loss of what was.

If you’re a Real Estate agent wondering why your client is acting weird – maybe even lashing out – relax. It’s probably not you (unless you’re one of those unscrupulous ones…) Grief unfolds in a hundred unpredictable ways. Don’t take it personal. Acknowledge their situation or feelings, express concern and listen with compassion.

How did someone encourage you most when you were highly stressed or grieving?
I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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