When the Eagle Leaves the Nest

This year, I’ve had much to celebrate; the award, the surprise media coverage, becoming known as the go-to real estate agent for all things tech, and I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Eniko for our fourth consecutive year.

But things change.

You may have noticed Eniko’s beautiful face is no longer on my website.
Her name is no longer beside mine.  We are no longer the team we once were.

Usually, when changes like that happen, when an agent moves from firm to firm or leaves the industry completely, it happens quickly, quietly, and is often the result of a fallout. Usually, it’s a negative thing that involves at least a few burned bridges.

But not always.

I’m so happy to say that, in our case, this is a wonderful and exciting change – one both Eniko and I are celebrating!

So What Happened?

Right from the beginning, one of the things Eniko and I loved about working together was that she could wield her immense gift of photography.

We’ve travelled together for conferences, done sight-seeing tours together, and I’m telling you – this woman is the most comfortable, the most… herself, when she’s got a camera in her hand.

One tour we did was of the historical buildings in Minneapolis. As the guide told stories of the people generations ago who had walked the halls we then stood in, I soaked in the stories, and Eniko saw those stories in each corridor and grand staircase. Her lips parted in awe as she seemed to be able to see beyond what was there, like she could peer back in time and see the stories. She pointed that lense at interesting wood carvings, captured the light contrasts making art of heavy drapes, and somehow brought life to those empty rooms.

That’s Eniko. She loves to photograph nature and loves architecture. And she was stinkin’ good at it, too.

I was elated that she brought all these passions and skills to bear, to bring alive every real estate listing in that same way.

Right from the beginning, I recognized this amazing skill, and was grateful to have her as the resident photography expert on my team.

When I beheld her passion and skill though, I couldn’t help myself. I had to encourage her to make more of it. “You should pursue real estate photography full time!” I said. “You’d do so well!”

I would suggest it every now and then, when I would feel like this beautiful, skilled songbird was meant for more than just serving my own needs. She really ought to fly freely and make beauty everywhere.

Long story short, Eniko quietly, with my support, launched her own photography side-business, Eagle Eye Real Estate Photography. Even the name is perfect, I thought. Eagle Eye is right! 

And we both knew it was time for the eagle to spread her wings and leave the nest.
Staying with me would keep other agents from hiring her. Agents don’t hire other agents, you know?

Where’s Eniko Now?

As of March 1st, Eniko took the leap. She left behind her status as a registered real estate agent, and reluctantly left the nest of our cozy Tina-and-Eniko team, and is spreading her wings.

I want to take a moment to speak specifically to local, Southeast MB real estate agents. I highly recommend Eniko (Eagle Eye Real Estate Photography) as a real estate photographer.

She’ll continue to be the first person I call for my listings.

Here’s why.

The major advantage to hiring her over others is that she has many years of experience AS AN AGENT. That means she understands what’s valuable from a real estate perspective – she knows what angles are important to show prospective buyers and why, she knows what people need to see, how they’re trying to figure out the layout… she looks at it through the eyes of a Realtor. (And P.S., I can promise you the lids on toilets will be closed in her photos, unlike many unprofessional DIY property photos we’ve seen. Just sayin’.)  The bottom line is that she’s thorough, knowledgeable, and professional, with a keen eye for what buyers need to see.

But Is It REALLY All Rosy and Sweet?

Honestly, no. This isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. Or wine and chocolate. Or whatever blows your hair back.

After working so closely together for four years, and after becoming friends and sharing life together to a degree, – even though we part as friends and with love and joy! – it still feels like a break-up. Of course it is! Our whole relationships is changing, so we’re both experiencing the loss of what has been.  

For me, redoing the website, removing her name from every page and paragraph has been painful. I’ll miss her. She was an integral part to my business and personal life. It’s a loss, and each of us is mourning that loss.

Celebrate With Us!!

The mix of sweet celebration and sourness of loss is just life. Thankfully, ours is a story of mostly celebration and excitement and the happiness of moving forward. 

Thankfully, ours is a parting in which we wave happily, wishing each other well.
Eniko, you have my sincerest blessing and well wishes in your new venture. I’m cheering you on.
Chase that dream, my friend!   

Want stellar photography for your listings too?
Here’s where you can find Eniko and Eagle Eye Real Estate Photography.

Eniko, I release you with God’s blessing on your new business.

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