When You’re Hanging By A Thread

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Desperation sure puts a person’s integrity to the test, doesn’t it?ropes-1372677445yPd

After weeks of dashing town to town, waiting for no one in Open Houses, of failed offers and expired listings, I was feeling the pinch. Income was not happening and the expenses piled ever higher.

To put it in perspective, try to imagine working for free for two months. Now picture that suddenly all your appliances and the motor in your car all need expensive repair before you can even have the privilege of working this hard for free. It’s been kind of like that.  Kind of an end-of-my-rope sort of autumn.

And there, at the end of my rope, I start to wonder if I’ve got it all wrong; maybe integrity and caring about people is a weakness in this business. Pushy salespeople get numbers, listings, and a sight more income after all… should I change my methods to get the numbers? I could. It’s common practice – even expected. And a girl’s gotta eat, right?

There, at the end of that rope is a choice between compromise and integrity; between hanging on and letting go. In these hard weeks I have learned something about integrity – that what I could gain through compromise would become worthless without integrity. It wouldn’t be worth it.  So I hung on. And now, as things start to look up, I can move forward with my head held high because in that tempting moment I didn’t give in.

Hopefully this somehow encourages you, when you’re hanging by a thread, to keep hanging on. It will get better. And when it does, you’ll want to be able to hold your head up high. You’ll know who you are under pressure – the real you – and you’ll like what you see.

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