Why Bad Guys Win

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Yes, just as in any industry, Real Estate has its bad guys. (Bad ‘people’ doesn’t have the same ring to it, but trust me, this is men and women) The existence of  bad guys is not the surprising part. Although, if it does surprise you, and you can’t imagine what a Real Estate Bad Guy might do or look like, read this, this and this. Bad guys exist in every other area of life, why should Real Estate be an exception? The surprising part is why they continue to succeed. Who is to blame for their continued success?  Why do bad guys win?

Because you let them. I know, it sounds harsh. But this is actually an empowering piece of information.

Here’s the deal. The only people that really see what goes on behind the Real Estate stage are agents and brokers. Even if they witnessed injustice, their hands are tied. They are legally not able to report 3rd party problems. They are tight-lipped about the behind the scenes because they must be.

Then there are buyers and sellers. These are the people who experience injustice firsthand. They are the ones whose agent buys their house at a deep discount, then turns and sells if for a huge profit. (Did you know it is illegal for Real Estate salespeople to flip houses?) The client feels robbed – as they should. They were robbed. But alas, they do not know they are the hero in the story, so the bad guy gets away.

How can you possibly stop the bad guy?

If you, as a consumer, feel that an agent has been unethical in any way, you can contact the Manitoba Securities Commission or the Manitoba Real Estate Association.

Why should you bother?

Because you are the only one who can. You are the only one who can stop them, who can say, ‘hey, this happened and it’s wrong’. And if you don’t, the bad guy roams free, and continues to inflict these woes on others. Widows. Daughters. Young couples. Emotionally vulnerable. The elderly. The unaware.

I’m talking from personal experience here. Decades ago, long, long, loooong before I was ever a REALTOR®, I was a victim too. The fraudulent misrepresentation that happened costed me aprox. $15,000. It was a difficult time, and I was dealing with other things, so I left it. I didn’t say anything, and now it’s too late. I wish I had said something. It would have helped a lot of people.

To this day, I see that same agent inflicting the same thing on others. And I can’t do anything about it. Except this. I can tell you where it’s at and show you the cape you’re wearing.

You are the hero in this story, but only for a time. Then your turn is over and the cape is passed to the next person. And passed and passed, until someone does something to stop it.

Please pass the message along, so others know their rights and options too.

They probably don’t know that they’re the hero in the story.

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  1. Candice Bakx-Friesen

    Thanks for posting this Tina. You are truly one of the top notch agents in the area. Unfortunately integrity isn’t always the priority for all agents. As Tina stated above, if you are taken advantage of, there are ways to try to prevent this from happening again, or to someone else. If you are approached to sell your home, whether by an individual or realtor, please do your due diligence to ensure you are not leaving money on the table. Maybe get a free market evaluation done by 2 or 3 agents. Another tip- ask for a referral from a friend if you aren’t sure who to use. Make sure that you know what the realtor will do for you, whether you are represented as a buyer or a seller. The home sale or purchase is a major financial decision- choose your “team” wisely!!

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