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 Likely the most defining reason that I have a reputation for serving with excellence is that I am motivated by relationship rather than by a transaction.

I want to be there when you connect with your next home.


I am motivated by relationships instead of transactions. That makes me emotionally invested in your outcome.
Good Listening Skills
Communication is about listening and understanding.
Good Reputation
I would not want to jeopardize losing a good reputation for a fleeting paycheck.
Honesty & Integrity
These core values are the foundation of my life.
YES. You may text me throughout the process any time you have questions. I will respond in a timely manner.
I am a mobile agent. I will accommodate your schedule the best I can and meet you where you are most comfortable.
ABOUT THE PROCESS, THE NEIGHBORHOOD & THE MARKET. I take working with buyers so seriously that I took extra education to learn how to serve buyers better. I am an ABR®
I'm a skilled, trained, experienced negotiator. My goal is to get you the best possible price and terms on the property you want to purchase.
You will need a lender, home inspector, lawyer and perhaps other professionals. I have connections that have proven to give amazing service.
I will not pressure you to make an offer or rush you in your search.I want you to be confident about your choice.
opinion of VALUE
Before you write an offer I will do the research to make sure you are not overpaying.
Like having a personal coach
I am compassionate as I coach you through the complexities of a transaction.
This is going to be an adventure and I am looking forward to having some fun in the process.



I have prepared a list of questions that will help us understand what your needs and desires are so I can refine your search criteria.

 I will need your written consent to send you listings to preview. I would like to send you listings in your search criteria the moment they come on the market. Would you like that?

There is less anxiety and more fun when we are shopping when I take the time to clarify expectations and prepare you for the process. 


 Meeting face to face will give you the chance to see if we connect or not. We can then make a mutual decision whether or not we want to work together with each other to find you a property. 


Would you like to start browsing ALL available listings on MLS?
Download this new app. FOR FREE. You're welcome.
It has a really neat feature. If you are in front of a house that is for sale and you would like to know the list price, just point and click INSTAVIEW and the information will appear on the app immediately.


Before you go shopping you need to know what your spending limit is, whether your credit score is acceptable and if you qualify for a mortgage. We call this a pre-approval.
You can talk to your bank or credit union. We recommend contacting a mortgage broker at Onelink Mortgage.
You can do most of your application online.


I  highly encourage home inspections. 
Buying a home is an emotional experience.
I would like every buyer to have an objective, thorough, home inspection so that they are fully aware of what kind of maintenance and repairs will be needed after they move in.
I will gladly give you a list of home inspectors to chose from.
Disclaimer: Realtors are not trades people or home inspectors and should not be relied upon for knowledge on the elements of a house such as plumbing, electrical, structural etc. 

The buyer pays for the home inspection. The home inspection may be between $350-$900 depending on which home inspector you choose. That is minimal compared to the catastrophic bills that you may be spared. If your home inspection reveals costs that you are not willing to assume responsibility for, you can freely cancel the offer agreement and go look for another house. We have never met someone who was sorry for taking the time to learn about the condition of their future property. 

You may chose not to have a home inspection. 

  • FIRST THINGS FIRST. You are going to need some money. You will need 5% of the sale price for down payment. You will need approximately 1.5% of the sale price for closing costs(land transfer tax, lawyer’s fee, insurance). You will need a mortgage if you can’t buy the property in cash. You will also need a deposit. 
  • $ WHERE CAN YOU GET THE MONEY? You can contact a bank or credit union or meet with a mortgage broker for a pre-approval. Find out first what you can afford before you go shopping. 
  •  I recommend OneLink Mortgage & Financial for superior service and results sometimes even after banks and credit unions decline mortgages. Did you know that a mortgage broker only gets paid if they obtain a mortgage for you? The lender at your institution is likely on a salary. Guess what happens when someone on a salary goes on holidays? From my experience your offer sits on the desk till they get back and you risk losing your dream home. YES this has happened to my buyers. Good thing the mortgage brokers can work fast to recover a deal. The mortgage broker would never risk losing the deal. They will have someone competent cover for them when they are away. That is the dedication that makes the difference.  My observations are based on numerous real life stressful experiences that were completely avoidable. 
An advantage to using a mortgage broker is that they can submit your application to several banks with only one credit check. Every time someone runs a credit check on you you will get a ding against your credit. So, if you go from one bank to another you may be lowering your credit score. 


A mortgage broker can shop at multiple locations and find you the best interest rate. 

Another advantage is that sometimes the mortgage broker is offered an interest rate from the bank that is not being offered to the consumer at the bank. 

I get that you want to be loyal to your institution and that is admirable. Perhaps you should find out what that is costing you. Is it worth making a larger payment? What if you could pay $200/m less on your payment? Would that be something you would want to know? You can chose if you want to give that to the bank or put that on to the vacation fund, or maybe afford more groceries. 

Don’t be scared to find out. Three of my buyers were told by Mike Blair at OneLink to stay with their current bank or credit union because they had the best option at the time. YA. He gave up business to keep his integrity in business. That is one of the reasons I trust and recommend him. 

In my experience, the main reason that buyers chose the lending institutions over a mortgage broker is because their parents are willing to co sign at their own lending institution and the parents are not willing to look at other options. They are convinced that their lending institution is the best deal because they did their research when they bought their house 25 years ago and that was the case at the time. That is ok. It is better to make a larger payment every month to your parents lending institution and build equity in to a property than to not get a mortgage and keep building equity for your landlord. If your parents are calling the shots, say thank you and go get your mortgage. 

I too followed my Dad’s advice at one time. I was in a crisis and looked to him for guidance. I took my business to a credit union only to find out that they did not report to the credit bureau and after several years I had been unable to build up the credit that had been damaged through my divorce. I was unable to borrow $5000 without a co signer at that institution even though I had a steady income, had never been late on a payment, never missed a payment and paid off several small loans during that time. My dad loves me with everything in him and would never give me advice that would hurt me. He was just not informed and did not see the big picture. It sure was refreshing to move to a bank where they offered me a $30,000. line of credit without me even asking for it. I could go buy a car without even grovelling for the funds and the interest was less than a loan. 


  • PAYMENTS. You can arrange with your lender to pay monthly or bi-weekly. They can go over the details with you as to which is better for you depending on your pay structure. Ask them to show you the difference in the long term if you pay bi-monthly rather than monthly. 🙂                                                                                                                     With my irregular pay checks I appreciate a home equity line of credit which is offered through my own bank where I have my mortgage. I can pay interest only when needed and I can pay large lump sums without penalty. I pay a little higher interest rate for the convenience of this type of mortgage.  It is a different type of mortgage product that is not offered at all institutions. 

What’s the difference between a deposit and a down payment?

A deposit will accompany the offer.  It is trust money. If the offer is not accepted the cheque will not be cashed. If the offer is accepted the cheque will be deposited into the listing broker’s trust account. If the deal goes through it will be forwarded to the lawyers office. If you are unable to meet the conditions on the offer, we will sign a deposit release and the money will be returned to you in full. If you have removed your conditions  and breech your deal by choosing not to go ahead with the deal you will not get your deposit back and you could potentially have the seller take legal action against you for the full price of the agreed offer price. 

The down payment is what the lender will require from you. This will be between you and your lender. 
If you are able to pay 20% of the sale price as a down payment you will avoid the cost of paying an insurer such as CMHC or Genworth.  Please ask your bank, Credit Union or mortgage broker what will be required of you. 
The buyer’s representative does not get paid until you have purchased the home and moved in. The buyer’s agent  is not paid by the hour to research homes, schedule appointments or show you homes. The buyer’s agent spends their own money on the vehicle they drive as well as all the fuel they consume while driving around the countryside looking for a place for you to live. 
When the transaction is complete the buyer’s agent will be paid from the proceeds of the sale according to the agreed commission between the listing agent and the seller.  The funds will be sent from the seller’s lawyer to the buyer’s agents brokerage who will in turn pay the agent. 


Showing Etiquette 

We will be going into people’s homes. 

This is where they eat and sleep and where their children play. We need to be respectful of their property.

Here is a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts. 
  • Take off your shoes when we enter the house
  • Refrain from making fun of the people who live in the house
  • Keep together. If you have children with you, they must stay by your side and supervised
  • Ask questions if you have concerns
  • View every room in the house
  • Yes, you may look inside the kitchen cupboards
  • Yes, you may see the size of the master bedroom closet
  • Yes, you may run the water to smell it or see the water pressure
  • Yes you may check to see if the windows open and close
  • Let me know if you want to learn more about the property 
  • Let me know if you want to write an offer
  • Most of all, let’s give the seller a little notice
  • Be respectful of the seller’s time. Keep appointments. The seller has cleaned the house and packed up the children and left the house so you could have a look at it.
  • Be respectful of the agent’s time too. Thank you. 
  • Chose an agent and stick with them.  
  • Do not unscrew or pull away anything that is attached such as baseboards, paneling, rug, wallpaper etc.
  • Do not smoke in the house during a showing
  • Do not help yourself to fresh baking on the counter unless there is a sign that says please help yourself
  • Do not open dresser drawers, desk drawers or go through the mail 
  • Do not take anything from the house
  • Do not take photographs. There are pictures online. This is someone’s private space. 
  • Do not discuss the value of the house while we are inside the house. 
  • If you want to write an offer, let’s not discuss that while we are in the house. You never know who may be listening to our conversations.
  • Do NOT call your agent from in front of a house and expect them to come right now and show the house to you because you happened to see the sign. 

First you sign an offer with your Realtor®. We have studied real estate law. I want to protect you with clear instructions in the offer. We write the offer with terms, conditions, inclusions, preferred possession date and price. 

The seller can decline, accept or counter your offer.  You can decline or accept their counter offer. 

Once we have an accepted offer from the seller, 

Then you sign a mortgage agreement with the bank.

Then just before possession date, you will sign papers at the lawyer’s office. 

NO. The listing agent is trying to get TOP DOLLAR for the seller. If the listing agent is offering you a deal it may be that they are trying to line their own pockets. Caution: up to 85% of litigation cases in real estate happen when the agent is representing both the buyer and the seller. In fact, this problem is so problematic that the province of British Colombia will no longer allow an agent to represent a buyer on their own listing. 

I have experience working with builders and am familiar with the building process. I would be happy to represent you as a buyer if you are looking to build a house. Not all builders have a good reputation. The court of queens bench is a good resource when learning about the builder. However, some new builders on the block have not yet been through the court process.  I reserve the right to decline to enter in to a contract with a builder who does not honour their contracts. I would rather give up my pay check than to watch my clients get scammed as some other unsuspecting buyers in the area have been. 

Once you find the home you want to live in we will sit down together and do the research to determine the value. Every neighbourhood is different. 

There are several factors that determine how to best negotiate a deal. I could teach a course on this but I will reserve this subject for the negotiating table pertaining specifically to your deal. 

You can follow your parents advice or hire a skilled negotiator who knows market value and the negotiating style of the other agent or homeowner. 


More than 90% of the homes for sale are listed with a Real Estate Professional. You will need to work with a Realtor® to get access to see these homes. 

Chose who you want to shop with. 

You and your Realtor can decide whether you want to look at private homes as well. You can go behind the Realtors back and take responsibility for the mistakes you may make or you can have them look out for you. So, have a candid conversation when you interview buyers agents and find out how they handle private sales.                                  I have 100% success rate with private sales and I will  clarify expectations about how I handle a private sale before we go shopping. 

It is critical that the seller and the seller’s agent know little to nothing about your motivation, your timelines, or your financial capabilities. Anything that the seller’s agent knows about you can and will be used against you when you are trying to get a deal on a property.

Get an agent to negotiate on your behalf.

I completed my training and have a designation as a Master Certified Negotiation Expert. There is only one other agent in the province that has earned that designation and I have great respect for her and have learned so much from having her as a friend.  I also have experience. Does the designation make me better than all the other agents? No. That makes me better at negotiating than the buyer and seller. It is a distinct value that I bring to the table. 

  • A Face to Face meeting to see if we are a good fit to work together. 
  • There are some things I would like to discuss with you before I take you shopping. Important things.
  •  We do not start shopping till we have met. It is for my own safety. Realtors make the headlines for getting hurt, raped and murdered on the job. It seems like a reasonable request to ask to meet with you before I get into a house with you. 
  •  A commitment to work exclusively with me. Simply put, if I am the one shopping with you then I want to be the one to get paid. Fair? If someone else is the one collecting the paycheck then you should shop with that agent. 
  • I am required by law to have written consent to send you listings.
  • Your contact information and written consent to contact you. 
  • Proof of identification. This is required by the government when we write an offer. I ask for it up front. It is also a part of my safety procedure. 
  • A mortgage pre-approval is required before I take you shopping. It is a professional courtesy to the sellers that we do not show listed homes without a qualified buyer. It is also not fair to me if I spend time away from my family to show you houses if you are not able to purchase one. 
When I make a written commitment to serve you as a buyer’s agent, I am legally bound to fulfill my contract to you and give you PRIORITY service. 

What are buyers saying about me?

OTHER Accredited Buyer Representatives In STEINBACH AREA to chose from .

I cannot serve everyone at the same time and I won’t be the right agent for every buyer.
If I am not the agent for you then please chose another ABR®


Not all buyer’s representatives are equal. Only a buyer’s rep who has earned the Accredited Buyer’s Representation Designation has made the extra effort to raise the bar, with additional training and experience. If you work with an ABR®, you can feel confident that you’ll receive the highest level of buyer representation services. The ABR® designation is awarded by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC®), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National association of REALTORS® (NAR).

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