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Listing your property in Steinbach, Winnipeg or anywhere in between in Southeast Manitoba?

You have come to the right place.

I seek out effective ways to attract as many potential home buyers to your property as possible by placing it where I know they are already looking.

This sale is about your life, your changes, and your financial success as well.

I want to get you the most money in your pocket possible. I are confident that we can do this by

pricing your home at fair market value,

 offering a competitive commission rate,

 presenting your house in such a way that people can recognize the value even before they get to your house, 

and skillfully negotiating on your behalf when we receive offers.  

ALLOW ME TO DEMONSTRATE a few of my visual tools.


Clear and stunning photographs are an essential element in making your listing stand out from the competition. I want your home to make a fabulous first impression. People should believe that it is worth the asking price or more before they even show up to view it in person.

Images should inspire…

These photos come from  my listings. I am not a photographer. I hire a skilled real estate photographer to make you listing stand out on the market. 


Please watch this

MATTERPORT 3D is the most realistic, immersive way, to experience a property online.

A 3D showcase is an online experience that lets the homebuyers move through a property ask see it from any angle, as if they were right there.

With this tool, I can display your listings as a 360° Virtual Reality Tour, as a floor plan image as well as in a Dollhouse View as seen below.

Dollhouse View
See how the rooms relate to each other.
Tagged Features
The green circles will display content when clicked.
Floor Plan
See the layout.

People have different ways of connection to a listing. 60% of people are visual learners which is why I focus on visual presentation.

20% are auditorial learners which is why I like to provide as much relative information about a property to the buyer as possible. 20% are kinaesthetic learners which is why I want to add emotional appeal to the listing. I can do that in descriptive writing

Stating the features is great. Inspiring the buyer to live at your property is greater.

Have you ever looked at a listing online and wondered what the floor plan was like? Do you find yourself trying to piece together the floor plan as you go through the photos? How would you like it if when you looked at a listing you would get a quick overview of each floor in a traditional top-down perspective? We can even label those rooms.

EXAMPLE: We had a listing with over 3000 sq ft per floor and 6 bedrooms plus an office. We had no showings. After two months we put it fresh on the market with the Matterport showcase. Buyers were able to see the layout of those rooms. We had 3 showings in the first week together with an accepted full price offer. 

The incomparable Dollhouse View gives a completely unique sense of the place. See all floors at once!

You can see how the different floors relate to one another. Now you can know what is under the master bedroom and where the bathrooms and utilities are located. This comes in handy when the buyer is planning a renovation.

HEAR THIS: More than 96% of home buyers are shopping online for a property. There is a 253% increase in the last four years of people using a simple google search to find a home. Not just that. People check their facebook feeds an average of 11 times a day! It is my ambition to obtain an unsurpassed online presence to ensure that your listing will be seen WHERE the buyer is already shopping. With stats like this, can you see why this is a critical criteria for us to master???

Families have busy schedules. You do too! SO, If we, the seller and the agent, work together to take the time to prepare the house and the listing the best way web can then you can have a 24-7 open house online and you don’t have to clean the house and rush out the door for casual lookers.

Let’s consider it good news that people can view your home online. If they want to live in your house they will book an appointment to see it in person. 

Are you getting nervous about how to get your house ready? I have knowledge, experience and valuable resources for the preparation stage too. I am not offended by your current dust bunnies and clutter. I live in my house too. With pets none the less. So, relax. I am not here to judge the appearance of your home but rather offer observations from the buyer’s perspective. This way we can minimize objections before we even put your house on the market. Make sense?

I’ll will walk you through this. From Sign Up till Sign Down I am only a text away. 

Every week, you will receive a listing progress tracker report. I will keep you informed about the market in your neighbourhood. You will know how many homes you are competing with in your price range. You will know if anything new comes on the market, or if any of the competition sells or expires. 

I am able to get statistical data from several websites and social media marketing so we can know how much traffic your listing is getting online. I pay close attention and watch to see if any buyers are marking your home as a favourite.  I will share my findings with you. 

WHY is this important? We have less in person showings booked than we did the last time you sold a house because more people are shopping online.

Our sellers appreciate being able to know that people are finding their listing. 

I use EMOTIONALLY COMPELLING DESCRIPTIONS. Stating the features is great. Inspiring a desire to live here is greater. Descriptions are how we connect to the right buyer.

I embrace SOCIAL MEDIA advertising including but not limited to FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.  I utilize paid ads on Facebook especially for Just Listed Campaigns. One 3 day Facebook ad resulted in reaching 39,208 people, with 20,684 people engaged, 69 reactions, 63 shares and 18 comments. This is huge. We can TARGET the area and age group that we believe would be interested in a property like yours. 

I will come to you. I will meet you where it is convenient for you. YOUR choice. We can go to the office, a favourite coffee shop or restaurant. I find that most people would rather meet to sign a condition satisfied in the comfort of their own home after the children are in bed as opposed to taking time off of work and meeting an agent in a strange office during business hours. YOU CHOSE WHAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.

I consider the REALTOR® on the other end of the transaction to be our best customer. Our best repeat customer. So I treat other agents well so that they like to sell mylistings.

IWe instal a SECURE LOCK BOX to keep your key and home safe during the course of the listing. I will not ask you to leave your door unlocked or hide a key under a mat like other agents do. Other lock boxes have a four digit code which the buyer can easily see and that leaves you at risk of them coming back and letting themselves in. 

Experience helps me in so many ways. I know the negotiation styles of many of the competition, I understand the local market, I have found out which avenues of marketing bring the best results, I have the past experiences to guide me and protect me from making mistakes that cost you money.

Insight and strategy come from having knowledge coupled with experience. I have  earned a designation as a Seller Representative Specialist in order to raise the bar in Listing services. I take this position seriously. 

I have  additional education and experience to excel in negotiation. That means you will have a much greater chance of getting more $ in your account at the end of the transaction. I am one of two agents in Manitoba that has a designation as a Master Certified Negotiation Expert. 

I built my reputation on being responsive to my phone call, texts and emails. 

Although a quick response is ideal, it is also important that I am engaged in the service, task or negotiation that I am currently involved in. When I am with a client they get my full attention. You will appreciate that also when you work with me. It does however require that I may not always respond as quickly as you would like. 

I am on the road quite a bit. That is one of my favourite perks of this career. I use the do not disturb feature on my iPhone while driving. 

YOU CAN EXPECT that I will get back to you within a few hours of your contact. I always check my messages in the morning, at noon and after appointments so that I don’t keep people waiting. 

I have connections to professionals that we may need to call upon such as Home Inspectors, Trades People and Lenders. 

I am reasonable. The commission we agree upon will be dependant on the market you are in. Does the market show that other properties in your area are selling within weeks or a few months or a year? That reflects my marketing costs and is something I consider when agreeing to a commission rate.  

Let’s work together arm in arm and be on the same page with our goals. That my friend is the experience that brings the celebration of success.

MOST IMPORTANTLY I will treat you with respect during our work relationship. You may not see the value in this before you list however I find that the greatest appreciation my sellers have for me when the transaction is complete is the way that I personally walked them through the complexities, the stresses and emotions that come with getting prepared to move. Perhaps you too will find me to be a genuinely nice person.


I can get your vacant house take centre stage on the market.

 What is virtual staging?

Virtual staging is the use of software to stage the photos of a home. The key to doing this well is to have good quality photos to begin with and then have a skilled stager do the decorating.

Virtual staging would only be done in a vacant home. 

  • Many benefits of virtual staging
  • NO added costs to the seller to hire a stager
  • NO added cost to get content insurance for furniture
  • NO damaged walls from moving furniture in and out of the house
  • NO risk of furniture being stolen or vandalized
  • Increased perception of value
  • Buyer is able to visualize the use of the space

LOOK at the following examples.

What are sellers saying about Tina Plett?

Where do I list properties? SE Manitoba.






The Premier Seller Designation for Real Estate Professionals.

The Seller Representative Specialist (SRS®) Designation, now recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®, is the premier credential in seller representation. It is designed to elevate professional standards and enhance personal performance. The designation is awarded to real estate practitioners by the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB) who meet specific educational and practical experience criteria.

Tina Plett has earned the SRS® designation.


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