Why Real Estate Agents Should Work For Free

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imageIn the past, I have been asked –as a condition to a sale – to reduce my commission.

Think about that for a second.

In order to make the price more affordable for the buyer, I should forego my wages? I am constantly baffled by the widespread belief that a Real Estate agent should somehow work for free.

I wonder how that theory would pan out in a different industry. Let’s run that scenario, shall we?  

I sit down in a restaurant and order a meal from the menu.

I understand what is offered on the menu, and can ask questions and make adjustments. I can request off-menu specialties like ‘Does this come in a half-order?’ and ‘Do you have that in available in whole wheat?”

We discuss terms, reach an agreement, and I await my order.

After I’ve consumed every tasty morsel, the waitress brings my bill. The bill includes a mandatory 15% tax and 15% gratuity. I agree to pay the bill as long as the gratuity is waived.
She expected that fee as promised by her employer, but that’s not my problem. I view the gratuity as optional- an extra.  And why should she get paid extra? Her wages, I decide, are enough for her to live on without exorbitant ‘extras’. When I became an expert on her finances is none of her business. She owes me in a way. I could have gone to any restaurant in town, but I chose this one. She should be thanking me for being a customer at all. And I don’t need to explain that to her either, since it’s none of her business anyway. I want to pay less and that’s all that matters. She should really wipe that annoyed look off her face before I decide to take my business elsewhere…

If that logic makes you want to throw something, congratulations – you have common sense and are aware of the needs of those around you.
If that logic makes perfect sense to you, then I suggest becoming a waitress. Or a Real Estate Agent. Or a missionary. Or any number of professions where one is expected to work and then not get paid.


Thanks for reading.

Remember to tip your waitress! 



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  1. tina

    OR- the market has changed equivalent. Suppose the menu at the restaurant changed? Suppose they no longer serve fries with that! Maybe the cook shouldn’t get paid either?

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