Why REALTORS® Don’t Want To “Keep An Eye Out” For You

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business-people-group “Please keep your eyes open for a property for us; we’re looking!” Have you ever made this request to a Real Estate Agent? If you have, then you have probably also noticed that the response is minimal.
You might get added to an automatic email list suited to your criteria, but agents won’t go out and hunt hard for your ideal property. Ever wondered why agents don’t jump at the bit to meet such a request? The reason might surprise you; it’s commitment.

For an agent to ‘keep a look-out’ requires a commitment on their part; they must invest their time and effort, with no promise of benefit for them.

The requester receives the benefit of the hard work and knowledge, and then often happily skips away to sign up with another agent instead.
Would YOU want to work for free so someone else could get paid? Few do.

What if you could have a Real Estate at your beck and call, dedicated to relentlessly search until that perfect-for-you property is found?
That’s exactly what a Buyer Agent does. You can request an agent to work on your behalf only, so their interests do not conflict with yours. It’s easy too.

Find an ABR Accredited Buyer Representative. These are agents specially trained, qualified and experienced to understand and serve buyers. These are agents who have gone the extra mile to raise the bar for themselves, and give their buyers the highest quality service possible.  There are only two Accredited Buyer Representatives in the Steinbach area. I am one, and Al Peterson (with Royal LePage Riverbend Realty) is the other.

I’m passionate about people – whether my clients or not – being treated with dignity and integrity. That’s why I can’t stop telling you about how this all works, and what you can do about it.

If you find this helpful, please share on Facebook or follow this blog. I’ll keep ‘em coming. I can’t stop.
I want you to be served, not sold, by your agent.




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