Wonder How To List When a Buyer is Already Interested? Use This Technique!

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Recently I spoke with a woman who wanted to list her home with me. But there was a problem.  She explained that they had attempted selling privately. “We have a dilemma – we already have someone interested in our house.”
I said, “That’s not a dilemma, that’s an opportunity!”

Then I did what many other agents don’t.

I told her to name those people as an exclusion in the listing contract.

That means if those people end up buying the house after all, my sellers don’t have to pay me. (Of course, if they want to hire me to write the offer instead of paying the lawyer to do the paperwork we could agree to a fee. Not a full commission. That would help me recover costs for investing time and money on their behalf.)

If you want to list, but have buyers possibly interested already, use this technique with your agent! List those interested buyers as exclusions. You worked hard to get them!

Many agents will not mention this to their clients.

Some agents will be angry that I even told you about this technique.

But you need to know.  There is already provision for this in the contract. 

If you, or your friends or family members have tried private selling, and are now thinking of listing with an agent, please share this with them! They need to know too! It could help them potentially save tens of thousands of dollars!

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  1. Jeff Stern

    Tina, yet another great educational post that shows you are truly all about the client not yourself. This is so client-friendly where a seller “can get their cake and eat it too” thereby not compromising their ultimate goal. You are the consummate professional!

    1. tina

      Thank you Jeff. I’m blushing. Those are kind and encouraging words.

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