You can’t laugh with your arms folded!

I want to love my life. I want to laugh a lot! What about you?

This week, I have witnessed many tense situations and have made an observation.

People who are defensive put up a guard that keeps warmth from coming in and laughter from being released.

Laughter is good medicine!

Let me ask you this: have you ever known someone that is a control freak? Would you describe them as fun and humorous? Do they laugh a lot?
Today, I heard a young man freely admit to having made an error after it was brought to his attention. He was embarrassed and offered apologies. My trust toward him increased because he could take responsibility for his actions. No excuses or defences. Would you believe that his personality is energetic, fun, optimistic and that he laughs a lot?

People like that have ideas, vision, purpose and they succeed!!!
Lets not get stuck in yesterday’s offences! Drop your defensiveness. Wave your arms freely and vigorously around in the air and feel energy return to you!

You can’t laugh with your arms folded!

Tina Plett,

Sutton Group-Kilkenny

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