You Might Be Rude If…

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What makes people rude? Maybe it’s DNA. Or parenting. Or maybe their big toe really, really hurts.
Either way, the irony is that obnoxious people don’t even know they’re obnoxious.

… are you that guy? And, if you were, would you know?

If these describe you during the home buying process,
you might be rude… 

I expect a showing at a moment’s notice. This is the hallmark of excellent customer service.
What’s so rude about that? Showing times also affect the seller. Families could find they are required to wake babies from naps. People would have little to no time to prepare for the showing beforehand. Tip: Be flexible, remembering there are many more people involved in the transaction than you and your agent. Allow sellers preparation time.


I arrive late to appointments with my REALTOR®
What’s so rude about that? Your agent represents many people and has many appointments. Your lateness may cause her own lateness, rippling through her day and affecting many people’s schedules. Tip: consider other people’s time valuable.

I arrive late to showings.
What’s so rude about that? You rarely know where the seller is during a showing. They’re not necessarily working. Sometimes  they’re waiting down the street in their vehicle with crying, hungry kids. The later you are, the longer their wait. Tip: remember that many people and schedules are involved in every decision in this process. Respect the time and needs of others.

I’m the one spending money, so I’m in charge – of the REALTOR®, the seller, the lawyer, everyone.
What’s so rude about that? Yes, you get to decide what you will spend and whom you will hire. But others have choices too. And feelings. And needs. A good king or queen recognizes the needs of the people beneath them. Evil dictators don’t care. Tip: The seller, lawyer, real estate agent, property inspector… they all are people with needs. Approach others with that in mind, and you’ll do well.

I will, during a showing, point out to the agent how unclean, disorganized or unhealthy I believe the owners to be. I have an eye for these things, and consider it a kindness to voice my observations.
What’s so rude about that? Basically, it’s none of your business. You’re there to look at the house, not peek in on someone else’s lifestyle. Bestowing your lofty know-how on those who did not ask is not a gift. It is critical. Tip: Imagine how you would feel if someone shared their ‘observations’ about you with other people. Please keep your opinions of people to yourself and focus on the house.

I offer 40% less than asking price.

What’s so rude about that? Would you be eager to sell something of yours for 40% less? You would likely be insulted by an offer like too. The seller and real estate agent have gone through alot of effort to prepare for the listing and properly price it. A low ball offer implies they both don’t know what they are doing, or that you believe them to be highly desperate. Tip: work with a buyer agent – one who represents you as a buyer – who can help you navigate the transaction. Or, if you prefer to act alone, find out what is standard practice in your area and make offers accordingly. (Example: sometimes the listing price IS a low one, designed to start a bidding war. Offers then exceed the list price.)

I disregard my agent’s advice. I don’t trust him anyway.

What’s so rude about that? The agent can not properly do their job if their every move is discounted. You don’t know everything, and you need an agent to help you cover all the bases. To frustrate the person you’ve hired to be on your side is not a smart play. Tip: Hire a reputable agent. Work with people you can  trust.

If my agent does not answer my phone call within 8 minutes,
I get a new agent.
What’s so rude about that? Agents are people too. Sometimes they are in the hospital with dying parents. Or having a shower. Or showing a property to another client. Or right in the middle of a conference about how to serve customers excellently. Remember – Real estate agents are often a one-man show. They do not have teams of people working to give multiple simultaneous showings. Tip: Give them time to get back to you.

I expect my agent to know everything about each property he shows.
If he doesn’t fully research each one ahead of time, I consider hiring another agent.
What’s so rude about that? It’s not so much rude as a miscalculation. Thousands of listings daily multiplied by the hours it takes to research a property in depth (it’s actually days of research with all the phone tag and testing to be done) equals an unbelievable amount of time for an agent to invest. This is not practical or realistic.
Tip: Look at many houses. When you find one that you are seriously interested in buying,
THEN ask your agent to do in depth research.

I insist on bringing my dog to showings with me. It will be her house too, and she deserves a say.
What’s so rude about that? Sellers (or agents) may have severe allergies to animals. Tip: Check with others about allergies before ‘insisting’ on bringing animals. 

How did you do?
What would you add to this list of things that might be rude?


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