Your budget or your lifestyle?

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PERSONAL PREFERENCE is the driving force that dictates where you choose to live! When you purchase a house, you are determining your lifestyle. The obvious first consideration is location!

Most often, when a buyer tells me they are approved for a certain amount, I notice that they shop for homes as close to the top of their budget as they can get! We all want as much as we can possibly have! Too often, once we get what we want, we cannot afford the lifestyle we wanted when we chose our home!

For the urban active lifestyle, a condo in the heart of the city may provide all the convenience you need for a carefree lifestyle. Remember, if you max yourself to the limit of your spending budget, you won’t be able to go out on the town the way you pictured when you chose this option. It is the lifestyle you are after! Choose lower payments and afford some night life!

For the rural lifestyle, you are considering an acreage where you can have a few animals and feel the purity of country life. Have you looked into the price of buying and maintaining the animals? Will you be buying saddles and building shelters? If you are shopping at the top of your pre approved budget, where will you find the additional a cash to take the horse to the vet?

BALANCE is necessary. When you find out how much you “can” spend on your next house, please stop and consider the costs of the lifestyle you want to live when you get moved in to that house!

Tina Plett, Sutton Group-Kilkenny Real Estate

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