Your Debt Might Not Be Your Fault …

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You probably are up to your eyes in debt.

Most Canadians are.

Most find themselves owing $1500 for every $1000 of their after-tax earnings.

That’s a deep hole.  And sometimes, the hole we’re in isn’t even the result of poor decisions or spending habits. Sometimes it results from loss. Death, illness, layoffs in a slow economy – things we can’t control can have a lifelong impact on our finances.

Sometimes debt happens when we’re robbed.

Broken promises (like insurance companies refusing payouts for example), shattered relationships, unjust job loss, outright manipulation, even theft from competitors … there are lots of ways to be robbed. It’s staggering to realize how other people’s choices can have a direct and lasting impact on our finances.

Suddenly we’re way behind, playing catch-up. (I hate that game, but am playing it right along with you.)

But even down here in the deep, dark, debt-hole, there’s hope. Even if someone else dug the stupid hole and threw you in.

Financial restoration is possible.

It’s just going to take a lot of extra work. And I’m not getting any younger, so I’ll have to work fast too. That’s why I’m so focused on educating myself and growing my business. I want to catch up. I want financial restoration, and to bring others with me in the hope that debt is escapable.

How are you pursuing financial restoration under a load of debt?

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